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The Moles Career Connection provides a mechanism by which students and potential employers are put in touch with each other for their mutual benefit. The Moles maintains a list of Moles Member firms interested in interviewing students for summer internships and full-time employment. The Moles Contact List groups companies by specialty and includes relevant information such as the number of employees, geographic region of operations and a contact person.


Students: The Moles Contact List is prepared by The Moles as a service to its members and to students seeking a career in the heavy construction industry. Inquiries regarding a particular company should be made to the company and not to The Moles office. This list is in no way a representation as to the existence of openings in the particular companies listed. It is merely a listing of the person who should be contacted at a particular Moles Member Firm for any inquiry regarding possible employment with that company. The Moles Contact List may be sorted by column headings.


Student Career Opportunities: Moles Member Firms are afforded the opportunity to "connect" with students by simply filling out and submitting a Moles Member Form. If you wish to enroll, update or change any information on your previous listing, please submit the form per the instructions on this website. A firm is eligible for listing if at least one of its employees is a member of The Moles.


For questions regarding The Moles Career Connection, contact:

Heidi Taber
(201) 930-1923



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